I wish to thank the invaluable assistance of QML Laboratories for providing access to multiple holter monitors, QScan Radiology, Absolute Ultrasound and Qld Xray for providing dedicated sonographers for various dynamic ultrasound scans, Dr Jonathan Marchand for insight into Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and conducting mobile heart rate variability studies, Dr Geoff Adsett for provision of heart rate variability monitoring facilities, Dr Peter Jackson, of QScan Radiology for assistance in interpretation of MRI cerebral hyperintensities, Dr David Grosser, vascular surgeon for assistance with popliteal vein compression, Dr Ross Sharpe, cardiologist for many hours of guidance, particularly with the linking with migraine, Prof Pete Smith, immunologist, Dr Jon Jenkins, retired physician, Kelley Bright, dietician/exercise physiologist.

Special thanks to Mr David Haynes, acupuncturist who has combined to demonstrate using heart rate variability studies, the ability to reduce the autonomic instability with his “Kiiko” style acupuncture, and to Dr Christopher Soo for advice regarding thoracic rotation and autonomic activation.

Then the team of physiotherapists who have been assisting developing a program to treat the POTS patients- Tiele Santos and Indie Franke at Living Well Burleigh Heads who have made an invaluable inroads in TOS management, and to physiotherapists Stuart Stephenson (DMA Pilates), Melanie Roberts (Watson Therapy), Drew Singleton, Joe Roberts and Matt Roser at Core Physiotherapy, and to Liz Ciranni (Connect Therapy) and the ever- patient and enthusiastic Craig Phillips (DMA Pilates), who has provided 13 years of assistance looking at the mechanical forces at play in POTS, fibromyalgia, migraine and their co-morbidities.

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