• Dr Mervyn Garrett- retired allergist (deceased), who provided the initial link between inflammatory disease and diet
  • Dr Chris Soo and Mr Craig Phillips, physiotherapist, for the linking of rotational spine injury and autonomic instability (DMA pilates)
  • Dr David Grosser- vascular surgeon, for his work in popliteal compression syndrome
  • Dr Ross Sharpe- cardiologist for guidance in migraine, with particular reference to the effect of patent foramen ovales and their management
  • Mr Steve Parker and Qld Xray for developing an accurate reproducible carotid intimal thickness scan
  • Dr Peter Jackson and QScan- radiologist, for assisting in developing accurate dynamic ultrasound scans for popliteal and axillary/ subclavian vein compression
  • Absolute Ultrasound at Miami for providing dynamic duplex scanning to assess Renal, Iliac, Gonadal veins for compression as well as Thoracic Outlet Scanning
  • Dr Pete Smith- immunologist, for proving the missing links when the pieces of the puzzles wouldn’t come together